Micro Links & Micro link weft

Micro links are individual itip strands, secured strand by stand using a copper tube (mirco ring). Each itip strand normally weighs betwen 0.8 – 1gram. Whereas micro link weft is where we use weft hair, also known as weave. We use the copper tube with silicon lining secured to the hair to create our foundation and then stitch the weft down.

As micro link extensions are installed strand by strand, the installation and maintenance will take longer and cost more than micro link weft.

The install its self isnt damaging to the natural hair as long as its installed by a trained professional and is well maintained. However if you do not have a good hair care routine, then this is where damage can be caused. An example of this may be  heat damage, from over straightening your hair. It is VERY important to remember that your natural hair is exposed and not put away, so regular deep conditioning is highly recommended.

Here at M J A Hair, We would work with you to create the best hair care plan for you when opting for a service as Microlinks/ Microlinks Weft & determine whether or not this service is suitble for you.

This would depend on you hair texture. We provide multiple hair types, such as afro kinky curly, kinky curly, Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki straight, Wavy, Deepwave etc.

We would recommend gettinga texture that matches your natural hair, as this would limit the amount of heat you apply to your natural hair. It also allows you to wear your hair in its natural state, and offers you more versitilty.

Alternatively you could opt for a straight texture and have your hair silk pressed in order to achieved the same texture and seemless blend.

The install can last 8-12 weeks, with maintainance where the links or weft are tightened.

The hair can last up to 12 months plus, depending on the texture of the hair you buy and how you care for it.

That would depend on the texture you opt to use. For example if you were to choose kinky curly to match you natural curl pattern. if you were to silk press it and it was to get wet, it will also revert and match your natural hair texture.

However, if you were to choose a straight texture, but you hair is naturally curly, when your hair reverts the texture of course will not match.


Right now we’re only selling the hair exclusively with the service, however based on demand this is something we are looking to launch very soon. If you are seriously interested in purchasing our Microlinks or Microlink Weft, make sure you follow us on Instagram @Melissajade23, TikTok @Melissajade2 and Twitter @Melissajade02. Also make sure you sign up to our emailing list on our website so that we can kep you updated on the launch date!

Yes the hair can be coloured! Whether it is to match the colour of your natural hair or you want to try something bold and new!

Click the buttom below to book in for a consultation call. This will be via phone intially but you can also ask for it to be a zoom call.

During the consultation we wil determine what kind of hair you want/need, assess the condition and length of your natural hair and conclude on whether or not this type of install is suitable for you.

We will then give you a quote, request a deposit, place an order for the hair  and book you in for an install. We’d roughly need 2 weeks inbetween this.