Hydration Micro Mist (Hyromist) Treatment

Hydration Micro Mist (Hydromist) treatment

The hydration micro mist treatmnet is similar to a standard steam treatment, but better! It is a inovative Japnese head spa treament that emits nano sized steam particles (mist) that penetrates the hair to a greater depth than a standard steamer could. This means the hydromist pushes the product deeper into the hairs core where it is needed. The hairs moisture levels are rapidly restored, it is truly hydrating, it rejouventes the hair and leaves the cuticle smooth. This treatment also reduces the appearance of damage, making the hair look healthier, happier and shinier.

The hydromist treatment also has a cooling feature at the end of each treatment, cooling the hair, smoothing the cuticle and locking the treatment in. leaving the hair sleeker, shinier and frizz free, also giving a much stronger and longer lasting results.

How the treatment works

  • Deep cleanse – clean and healthy scalp opitmised hair conditon, thickness and growth!
  • Customised treatment applied
  • Indian head massage – Help stimutate blood flow to the scalp
  • Hydromist hood/cap applied and mist begins – Evenly distributed through out for optimum effect
  • Shot of cool steam – Smooths the cuticle and seals the treatment in

Not only do we make sure we use great technology, we make sure we use great products. After a thurough consultation we customise each treatment to your hairs needs.

Why not have a look at what out customers have to say:

“Over all it was great, Its so relaxing and the massage was amazing! That was the best part.” – Jade

“I notice the difference after the first treatment, More easticty, My hair felt much softer. It generally felt and looked better, it was more manageable” – Jackie

“I already see a hide different in my hair, I would definitely recommend to everyone” – Chanelle

“My hair was more hydrated, less frizzy and my curls were more defined” – Lauren

“All I can say is wow! The steam process is really relaxing, so relaxing I fell asleep at one point. My scalp felt clean and my hair felt nourished and conditioned. The whole experience was relaxing, informative and produced great results! I’m looking forward to my next appointment already!” – Reneè

The Hydormist Treatment is said to be the most effect treatment for dry and damaged hair. It creates a soothing and relaxing experince, whilst also delivering an effective treatment thats rejuvinates, repairs and restores the hair. Its is perfect for maintaining healthier and shiner hair.

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