This is all down to personal preference and what style you are hoping to achieve.

Length guides can be found on google to help you roughly judge what length you might need, or sometimes check the caption one the style you are inspired by, the stylist or the hair vendor often put the length used for that style in the specs.

How many bundles you might need depends on your preference and the length of the hair. For short bob styles you make only need 2 bundles, but on bundles length 14″-22 you may want to purchase 3 bundles, bundles 24″ and above you may want to get 4 bundles.

A Full Lace wig is constructed from lace cap that covers the whole head, hair is then knotted into the whole of the lace by hand. On some full lace wigs there is a strip of stretch lace over the crown sections to allow for movement and variations in head size. Because full lace wigs are lace all over with hair knotted through out they can be parted any where and can be worn up.

Full Lace wigs normally come in small (21.5″), Medium (22.5″), Large (23″).

Lace closures and frontals are also pieces of lace with hair knotted through by hand.

Lace closure tend be 4×4 in size(roughly the size of your palm), but you can now get 5×5 or even 6×6 sized lace closures offering great flexibly with any of the maintenance concerns that come along with frontals and full lace wigs.

Lace frontals go from ear to ear and tend to be 13×4 in size, but you can now get extended versions such as the 13×6 that gives you more flexibly and allows you have longer partings.

The difference is mainly in the size and level of flexibility.

Full lace wigs are lace through out the cap with hair knotted by hand, meaning you are able to part it anywhere through the entire cap, you are also able to put it up in up styles.

Where as frontal wigs are lace from ear to ear and normal 4″ with wefts sew in the back, only offering flexibility as the front, but not the entire hairline.

Full Lace wigs and frontals can sometimes require more maintenance than lace closure especially when glued. However full lace wigs and frontals can also be worn glueless.

If you have never worn a full lace wig or frontal before and you are looking for something that requires little to maintenance but can still offer you a natural/realistic appearance, I would recommend trying a lace closure first.

Ultimately no matter which one you choose, they all require some sort maintenance and need to be well looked after. They are all made from lace and are hand made, so are likely to shed eventually (some quicker than others!) and will need to be replaced.

Which ones best? Well that depends on the type of flexibly you are looking for and it is pretty much down to personal preference. If you are looking for maximum flexibility, being able to part it anywhere and put it up  then full lace wigs are the best option. However if low maintenance and affordability is more important than flexibility, then closures are the best option for you.

Please allow up to 14 business days from day of purchase to receive your item (UK). If you are from the US this may take a few days longer due to the international shipping time. We will provide you with the tracking informations as soon as your item has been dispatched.

PLEASE READ – Delays may now occur. Due to COVID-19  there has now been an impact on delivery  and shipping services. Things are changing daily and these circumstances are completely outside of our control, so please so be mindful that there may be delays to your online order during this time.

Postage costs is:  UK – £8.75  EUR- £15.75  US-£21.75

Yes. When purchasing your M J A Hair Full Lace unit, select fitting appointment when you reach the shipping options. Once your purchase is complete contact us via email or call and we book you in for a fitting appointment.

The cost of fitting is NOT included in the price of a full lace wig. The current cost of fitting a M J A Hair full lace wigs is £50 (normally £75).

We do not offer refunds or exchanged due to the nature of the product and for hygiene reasons, unless the purchase is faulty. If hair extensions appear faulty due to quality issue, the fault must be reported to us via email and sent back for us to inspect within 14days of the receipt date.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage  caused by colouring or bleaching and is completely at your own risk. We will not refund any wigs that have been bleached, dyed or tinted.

We will not be held responsible for any wigs that have been damaged due to negligence of the customer.

Refunds will not be issued by the dissatisfaction of colour, issues with natural tapering, split ends, shedding or concerns that are typical with natural hair products. Although the issues mentioned rarely ever occur if at all, as we have tested the quality of our wigs and a check the quality of every wig before posted.

Life span of a wig can vary on the type of wig (i.e closure, frontal or full lace wig) it can also vary on the quality of hair and how well you look after it.

Custom made units could potentially last you a year more depending on the quality of hair you have used to make it. The great thing about custom made units, whether it’s a closure or a frontal, when the closure/frontal starts to shed you can just remove and please them with a brand new on with need to remake the whole wig.

M J A Hair full lace wigs have been tested and can last you 6 months or more as long as you look after it well and follow M J A Hair maintenance and care instructions.

Yes, we do. If you would like a custom colour with your service please send us some inspiration pictures of the colour you are hoping for, letting us know how many bundle and the lengths. We would also need to know if you would like to colour a frontal or closure as well. Once received we will be able to give you a more accurate quote.

In order to make sure a custom colour will be ready in time for you appointment please allow up to 14days for the colour to be complete.

Please note that colouring services are only extended to client that have book and appointment with me or have purchase a wig from me.

If you can not find the appointment you are looking for online, why not email info.mjahair@gmail.com to see if we have any premium appointments available.

Premium appointment normally tend to for be wig fitting only appointments or shorter appointments like lace closure sew in.

The additional charge for a premium appointment is currently only £25